Sugar Daddy For Me Review

SugarDaddyforMe is for men and women looking for mutually beneficial relationships. While anyone can join, it's geared towards those interested in a sugar daddy, sugar momma, sugar baby (male or female), or an extramarital experience.

Subscription Prices

Silver membership Total amount Cost Each

1 Month 1 Month + Total Access
$29.95 $44.90

Gold membership Total amount Cost

1 Month 1 Month + Total Access
$34.95 $49.90

Premium Features

There are 6 ways of communicating with others on the site: kisses, favorites, emails, ICALLU, UCALLME, and ITEXTU. Kisses can be sent and received by all members.
Community:SD4Me has an active community of genuine users spread across the globe. The interactive nature of the site makes it easy to join-in. Users are for the most part friendly, mature and responsive to contact requests.
Simplicity: The simple, yet functional layout is appealing in its own way. The design doesn't overwhelm you with unnecessary features, while everything is intuitive and easy to use.
Free access: Free account holders enjoy a decent level of access and can communicate with fully paid-up members who've opted for the “Total Access”. Activity overview: The activity section gives an instant summary of your admirers and who you're interested in - information that many sites only make available to paying members.

The Bad

  1. No profile certification: The site doesn't check financial information or offer an identity/photo verification service. Therefore you cannot be sure that people are what they claim to be. Search tools: The search tool is very limited and only allows look-ups based on a few simple criteria.
  2. Privacy settings: There's no option to block someone unless they've already contacted you.